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Development experts

Our mission is to supply our customers with advanced product development.  Being a part of Rego Silicones group enables us to provide a board spectrum of services from the first design sketches to a full-scale mass production.

Produktudvikling CAD

Rego Development is your competent partner in all aspects of design and development projects.  Together with our group companies and collaboration partners, we can offer a wide range of services, including ISO13485 medical production environment and ISO9001 silicone production facilities.

Product Development

We offer a wide range of product development services. Our specialty is development of parts and small apparatus for different industries.  Specifically, we have an extensive know-how in designing and optimising thermoplastic and silicone parts for injection moulding.

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Prototype Manufacturing

Rego Development is your partner in prototyping.  The range of options for your prototype is fully covered, including additive manufacturing, prototype molding and CNC machining.

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Full Scale Production

Rego Development can carry your project all the way from the first pencil sketches, resulting in which you have a cost efficient and high-quality production solution.

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When working with us, we can supply industry leading solutions for your development project.  From our thorough expertise in engineering and design projects, we can add valuable knowledge to your new product.

Please contact us today and begin adding value to your project.