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Our Mission

Rego Development has become a reality, in connection to the vision for Rego Silicones Group to supply our customers with the competitive edge:

The company group has decades of experience in production environments, extrusion manufacturing, injection molded and CNC machined production parts. 


With Rego Development, we can now apply the extensive group knowledge very early in the product lifecycle, ensuring cutting-edge competitive advantages for our customers.


 The people behind Rego Development

Thomas Nielsen

Thomas Nielsen
Entrepreneur with extensive experience in company startup and development.
Thomas is Chairman of Board for Rego Silicones Group.
With over 100 employees located in Sweden and Denmark.

Søren Brygmann

Design and manufacturing specialist, experience in product design, apparatus development and tooling design is ranging back to the late nineties.
Søren has successfully carried a high number of projects from the first idea to the finished production product sectors ranging from hearing aid to ship-building products.


As a customer to Rego Development, you can expect a streamlined workflow, dedicated to adding value and quality to your product.


Determining optimal design workflow and production method for the finished product.


Optimizing the parts and selected materials for production, this stage may include electrical and software development if applicable.


In the design stage, we focus on getting the specifications and conceptual design correct, perhaps with the aid of rapid prototyping for a physical product representation.


Handing over the finished quality product.

Whether our services only include a simple prototype or a fully scaled production project, we always aim for customer satisfaction ensuring that our customers contact us for the next challenging project.

Meet Our Group

Mold manufacturer for Plastic and Silicone products
Sipla Nordic
Sipla Nordic
Manufacturer of extruded silicone products, Inclusive Medical applications
Manufacturer of extruded silicone products.
Injecion molding of Medical products, ISO13485 certified.
Injection molding of LSR silicone products, ISO9001 certified.